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Benefits of Weightlifting on Yahoo


...makes Yahoo headlines. Nothing new but hopefully will move more women away from low-intensity cardio.



so it takes Yahoo! to get women off the steady cardio machines to go lift weights. were mainstream media has picked it up and now maybe some of them will get a little smarter.

however i think the following quote speaks volumes:

"I think exercise is the fountain of youth," she said. "If it was a pill, everyone would be taking it."

fortunately it isn't yet. otherwise all gyms would be out of business.


Errr, it's hard to critisize a study based on this report alone but a 2 year weight-training program shouldn't be compared to handing out a brochure. It should be compared to a 2 year cardio program and a 2 year mixed program.

If they gained 7% abdominal fat in 2 years, how fat are they going to be 20 years? And this is for the weight-training group? The others will have become whales in 20 years for sure.
And I don't want to lift weights to have my abdominal fat increased. I want it to go down.

From what I read, it's a sloppy study.
Or it's a sloppy report.