Benefits of Weekly Injections?

To all who replied: If I could tolerate a PDE-5 inhibitor I’d be using one of them and wouldn’t be on this or any other forum asking questions. I’d have a sex life, again. You were all well meaning. Thanks.

At 71, you have libido with your current protocol. You’re just not having great luck with erections.

You should count your blessings that TRT is giving you back libido.

I would add in some daily cialis and not mess with protocol. Don’t lose libido chasing a better erection.


Lets be honest, you’re 71. You may have penile arterial insufficiency. I’m sure that frustrating with a new found libido but your body is aged.

When I read @blshaw comment I initially thought “harsh” but I think he actually hit the nail on the head. None of us are getting any younger, if I’m still looking to give the Mrs a seeing to at 71 I’ll reach for the PDE5s without issue.

Yes sir, I usually cut straight to the point. I’m mostly multitasking at work and sometimes it accidently comes out as harsh. Not my intention. My point was that the arteries have a lifespan in the penis much like other parts of the body and can become restricted with age (akin atherosclerosis). As you pointed out @Madagascarspirit a PDE5 is like the target fix for the remainder of sexual life.


I don’t know about y’all but my radio is flooded with “acoustic wave therapy” ads for ED. Supposedly heals/rebuilds the aging blood vessels in our penises. This might work for you @mip1950

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Can’t tolerate PDE-5 inhibitors. I’ll be talking with my urologist in a few weeks.
@blshaw & @Madagascarspirit , what I find is that 8 to 10 hours after my injection, often I will gradually get warm, horny and a strong erection will follow. It lasts about 15 minutes, maybe longer if I play with it. By then my wife is sleeping and waking her is asking for trouble. I can easily get one by stimulating myself. Not discounting the changes to the capillaries in the penis due to aging.

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My urologist does that treatment. Probably expensive and likely not covered by insurance. But I’ll bring that up in our discussion.

What can’t you tolerate? Side effects are common. Have you tried them all? If all else fails you could use alprostadil.

Day and a half headache, migraine type. Ever have migraines? Had them most of my life.

Not ideal

So get a script for trimix. No headache just glorious 1-2hr boners. Follow directions and start with a super low dose.

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Is that the stuff you literally inject into your penis?

Its not injected into the penis. Its injected at the base. Very small amount. Ive never used it but I know that I would in my 70s, if I were having trouble. I work with a 65 year old who uses it. He picks up women all of the time and he tells me about his long sex sessions. Older women are very understanding. Theyre not grossed out by it. Its actually a turn for most.

lol thats cool

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It’s good to have multiple contingency plans. The main thing to remember is “Use it or Lose it” is something to fuck by. So if you experience long lasting issues, be proactive. Not everything is fixed via meds. There are forums dedicated to everything. The first time I experienced ED, it lasted about a month. I was able to stimulate it enough to get hard but not keep an erection, in the mornings. I considered that to be a part of healing. Then I did what we all do, I googled the heck out of my phone ( I dont think that looking up anecdotal evidence along with studies should be called research, its googling).

Anyway, I landed on a few sites that are dedicated to ED. Bi-mix, Tri-mix, and Quad-mix are popular amongst severe cases. Implants are the end of the line, and Im impressed with what is available to us men.
Luckily I landed here and got started on the first step to a proper recovery. TRT. Now I take 2.5mg of Tadalafil EOD just to keep the pipes working while I sleep, or if the occasion arises. I really hope the OP finds some comfort in knowing that taking a PDE5 inhibitor is actually good for the Vascular System, and Prostate. If that doesnt give results, a painless injection at the base of the dick, will give you another chance to pound some pussy. Cheers!