Benefits of TRT?

Hello, I just started trt 4 months ago.

Levels starting was

424 for testorone 300-1000 scale
Estradiol was 52 10-42 scale.

Recently has my blood work done
Testorone is not at 1325
And estradiol was at 32

I like seeing my estradiol go lower but my thing is I haven’t loss any weight and I work out three times a week heavy lifting, and my job requires a lot of cardio so I get it in there. I actually gained weight. Went from 256 to 266.

My thing is what is the best range for estradiol to be able to lose weight no matter what I do, I cant lose weight at all. Also with Lowe estradiol will I see weight loss or a better body comp?

I’m honestly thinking about just stopping the protocol because I feel no really differences except I’m a little more aggressive. Lifts did go up finally curling 50 lb dumbells with good forum. Other than that no real benefits, besides the numbers on the paper.

If you go through other members threads, you’ll see labs, protocols (I inject twice weekly or I inject xx amount daily) and an explanation of symptoms, but your labs are inadequate. You only have the inactive portion of testosterone measured and no free testosterone, for all I know your free testosterone is 2-3 times the reference ranges.

Excess testosterone can cause water weight gain that has nothing to do with estrogen. You never mention anything about your protocol, but if you think you can just inject T and expect it to show good results, you’re mistaken. Too much testosterone makes me sleepy and exhausted.

You need to find a protocol (injection frequency/dosage) that works best for you and spend enough time on T-Nation and you’ll see everyone doing things differently. You’ll see guys injecting weekly, twice weekly and even daily. It sounds like your protocol might be the problem. If you thyroid is out of whack and free thyroid hormones are low, TRT wouldn’t be expected to show much benefit.

It’s really important to know when labs are drawn in relation to your injection, 3 days after your injection would show levels closer to peak instead of trough levels at the end of the week.

Dude estrogen isn’t gonna play much of a role in weight loss… nutrition will. The 10 lb gain you experienced is pretty standard when starting TRT if your lifting fairly consistently.

Now if your E was super high you might be retaining water but you’d know that.

Your numbers are pretty good. I’d try to keep the test a little lower but 30s aren’t a terrible place to be for estrogen. I shoot for 900s and around 25. I’d like to see where your free test and SHBG are as well.

As far as nutrition goes you will loose weight if you eat towards that goal it’s that plain and simple. Try 40% carbs 40% protein and 20% fat. Start around 2400 calories and if your not loosing then take 500 calories out of carbs and continue for a few weeks.

What is the cardio you mention for your job? Are you running / jogging for 20 minutes with an elevated HR while doing your job?

Abs are made in the kitchen.

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Unfortunately yes. This is the only law in life I really hate…