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Benefits of T-Nation Prowler Design?

I have a T-Nation prowler, and I also have seen quite a few different configurations of the prowler. So I was wondering what was T-Nations reasoning behind choosing the prowler to be specific over other models. I have an idea, but just thought I’d catch a few reasons why.

Have a great day.

Tim Patterson and Christian Thibaudeau wanted a Prowler where heavy loads were better distributed, hence the center loading post. This also allows for more plates.

Also, the low handles put the athlete in a compromised/awkward position for many exercises. With the included drive pad, the low handles weren’t necessary anyway. Because of body position, pushing from the low handles also increases nausea/dizziness and “Prowler flu.” There’s no benefit to throwing up during your Prowler session. Better to use the drive yoke and maintain a better position.


Thank you, you gave exactly the answer I was looking for. I love/hate that damn thing. But I won’t be complaining when I look like a freak of nature on stage!!!