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Benefits of Stacking Serms

so im planning my first injectable cycle probably 12 weeks of test-e at 600mg per week kicked off with 30mg superdrol for the first 4 weeks. my origional plan was to just do nolva 40/40/20/20 but many people have recomended i stack nolva and clomid so before i purchase more serm i curios what the added benefit of stacking both is, or will i be fine with just the nolva

depends man… its like a cycle. you could just run test but stacking makes things more effective/better overall than just an abundance of one thing. Also you want to use HCG throughout your cycle because its a longer one Best of luck

but whats the benefit serms are site specific so isnt there a point where more wouldnt be any more effective?

I’ve tried combining them and using them separately. I found I don’t really like clomid too much- makes me emotional. I didn’t notice much of a difference either way but I always use HCG throughout and don’t do heavy cycles.

yeah man keeping it light is wats mainly going to help with recovery. I facepalm when i see these 20 weekers/ 18 weekers/ the occasional 30 weekers! Its really not worth it you wont make too many gains after 12 weeks unless you add in an oral to gain those extra few lbs. Im running a test/eq right now for 15 weeks and loving it but the gains in size anyways are really starting to come to a halt ( im mid way through week 11) gunna throw in some dbol and bridge till pct to get some more gains. Keep it short though 2 12 week cycles a year is probably wat im gunna settle on from here out.