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Benefits of Sleep After Lifting?


Is there any benefit to going to bed acouple hours after you work out? For example if you worked out in the morning take a 2 hr nap after lifting. This is assuming you already get enough sleep at night and get all your proper nutrition in.


Stop overcomplicating this, son.


Sleep at night.

Nap in day when tired and have nap time available.

In other words, what A_B said.


Rest is apart of recovery, and recovery is a big part of building muscle so...it would only help.


Well if you're tired take a frickin nap, ya know? Personally I would rather spend that time eating though. Night time is for sleeping for me anyways.


Naps are nice.


I bet the answer is - the more the merrier!

I never get enough!


If I nap for any considerable amount of time I have trouble getting to sleep at night. So to me its not worth it because I have to get up in the mourning. If you don't really have a set schedule or can sleep in nap your heart out. When I was younger I would take a 4 hour nap every day lol


eat first then sleep. get ur sleep whenever you can nd as much as you can


Anyone ever have a nap and it fucks up your whole day? Lol

Like, starting a nap at 3 when its light out and waking at 7 when it looks like early morning?



Lift, eat, nap. Great for bulking / fast recovery.


fo sho, ive taken naps so intense that it takes a solid 3 hours to recover from them. Just fogged out


At work I usually have a cup of coffee before I take a nap during lunch. Ready to go asap when I wake up.

But right now :smiley: No work! No school! So I sleep all day every day and whenever I want haha! Prob go to sleep right after this post and wake up for my next shake (V-Diet). Than go back to sleep, NEPA walk, and back to sleep again woohoo!

Not sure if that's a bad idea to sleep so much....

and on a side note :stuck_out_tongue: /respect to anyone who doesn't get to sleep much (parents, workers, etc)


Wow boring mother fuckers. Naps are a waste of time unless exhausted and that's usually due to a stupid sleep schedule. I literally don't have time to nap. Unless we are talking about a 20-30 minute power nap sleeping for hours throughout the day does not seem normal......

I function well off 7 hours a sleep each night and have no struggles progressing in the gym.


good for you that you can function off 7 hours, your such a beast Austin. Hell you don't even take naps is there anything you can't do?


Awww,him cwanky boy,ain't he?


I took a nap once on a Thursday and woke up thinking it was Friday.

No one corrected me.


Yeah I can't jerk off with my right hand (I'm a lefty).


Same bro (no homo).