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Benefits of Sauna Sweating?


Sorry, not sure where else to put this. (I'm sure someone will have a suggestion....) So, Is there any actual evidence that sweating in a sauna is good for you? From what I've read in my A&P classes, you can't really flush "toxins" out that way, and nobody can tell me what the so called toxins are. Is there a benefit?




Dear Peter Cock,

I noticed you posted this at 2am in the morning. I think the gym saunas are probably pretty quiet at that time (shameful smirk). With your user name, I would steer clear of any sauna action as you may get more than you are looking for. Unless that is precisely what you are looking for lol...




All I know is that it feels good to sit in there but whether it actually does anything beneficial I don't know.


Thanks to everyone who replied, especially loudong75! May I suggest a tatoo of a newspaper across your back may be somewhat more useful to you while entertaining other physique enthusiasts. LOL back, amigo!


lol. just having fun.


i love lamp




I use a sauna regularly at least 3x week for 20 min sessions and it helps keep my skin clear


It's great for opening your pores.




it helps you meat other men... that wasnt a typo btw


Perfect to shave right after you get out because of the open pores. Or just shave while you are in the sauna. Just have one of your fellow members help out.


i`m just going to sauna right now, then i'm gonna shave my beard, let's see if its better or not.


Stretching in there feels good, I'll often do it after leg day... but my sauna is coed, I wouldn't recommend standing hamstring stretches in a single-sex sauna


Its great for causing swamp ass.


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