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Benefits of Pregnenolone?


I have read the basics on pregnenolone, but after more info on how it interacts with other hormones. I understand that preg affects cortisol and this can have a positive effect on testosterone. Can someone explain more please.



It is all here:

note links and diagrams

Unless pregnenolone is low, there would be no reason to take it as a supplement. If low that can be from low LH and/or other imbalances that affect the mitochondria. Increasing pregnenolone or DHEA from normal to high levels will not increase hormones that are under feedback control. And in some [rare] cases, can increase estrogens and thus drive down T levels.

The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrion are the foundation of your metabolism and also produce pregnenolone. Pregnenolone levels can be considered a measure of metabolic fitness.


KS: I disagree that there would be no reason to take pregnenolone as a supplement, but only under certain circumstances.

I just started it today at the suggestion of Dr. O and HAN. This is due to the fact that I have been on Cortef for a few months now as my adrenals recovered. But in the course of things, the cortef seems to have all but shut down my natural production of cortisol (expected), and we are using pregnenolone to backfill that pathway as I wean off the cortef. Once that axis is clicking on all cylinders again, I will discontinue the use of the pregnenolone.


hi VT,
is what u are talking about what they refer to the pregnenolone steel.


I don't think that we disagree. "Unless pregnenolone is low, ..."




As in adrenal fatigue, also total T good and low free T and high E2, i have heard this can help
manage E2 problems.