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Benefits of No-Carb Breakfast w/ Carb Cycling?


when carb cycling would there be any benefit of not having any carbs at breakfat so that you can have more carbs PWO? instead of splitting them up into breakfast, just take half your carb intake peri workout and the other half pwo meal?


read into carb back loading and intermittent fasting.


This one on Breakfast should explain enough to get you started.


Glitche, really glad you posted that article.

Lately I have had more time in the morning that normal and have noticed that I much prefer eating breakfast 1-2 hours after waking than right upon waking (I do usually drink a big glass of water and some black coffee when I get up though). Glad to know that there is some research to back my personal practice!


Im was even more glad to read Kiefers idea about it a year or so ago. Breakfast sucks balls! I am not a morning person and cannot stand force feeding myself when I wake up. After a year of putting off my first meal by 2-3 hours and noticing that I was staying leaner and also improving strength and muscle I thought Id give Berkhan's Lean Gains a try for fat loss. Working a charm. I cant see myself eating breakfast before 10am ever again!


Learned that ages ago working on the farm.

Get up, get dress, do chores, THEN eat breakfast.


Very interesting article. Thanks for posting


Finding out how it works for you is another great benefit.



starting to open my mind to all this IF stuff and eating less frequently or having a feeding window and it's blowing my mind. i really want to incorporate some of this stuff soon to try and lose some bf. anyone have any more interesting articles or websites other than leangains.com


Poliquin recommends meat and nuts for breakfast. I don't have time to make meat in the morning but I've been having a shake and almonds for breakfast for the last month or two. Then I eat an actual meal around 10:30. My energy has been great at work during the day, I don't find myself crashing and wanting to sleep.


Obviously Keifers Carb Back Loading via his DangerouslyHardcore.com website. But really beyond the basics theres not a lot of info out there. Still a lot of Experimenting to be done. Read the recent Berardi one? Thats a decent primer on a few of the different IF protocols.

These T-Nation articles are over 10 years old but relevant to this discussion and your recent query on dropping the amount of protein you take in




That is an interesting article, perhaps part of the reasoning behind the Warrior Diet.

My fear with not eating breakfast is having INSANE hunger pains later, where I turn into a food inhaling machine and having tendencies to overeat.


I find this is easily handled with Coffee or other non caloric beverages.
Waiting out the hunger (usually subsides quickly)
The knowledge of a BIG meal coming up shortly.

In my experience eating breakfast makes me hungry sooner in the day than if I never ate it.



I find that skipping breakfast actually allows me to manage hunger better.


Why not eat the "breakfast" as your last meal in the night... What I mean is that consuming carbohydrate dense food like bread, cereals, etc after workout, in the nighttime, to fill up the muscles and liver before going to bed. The body will have plenty of time to digest, repair, recuperate and prepare itself for excercise the following day. It is not correct that those carbs as will be stored as fat anyway, if you are not in a excessive calorie surplus, or that the body have full glycogen stores. If being only moderate active in the morning and day, the "glycogen tank" will be almost intact if training in the afternoon or night time the following day. So remember to tank up the main bulk of the carbs the day BEFORE your workout, rather than hours before training...


thats a very interesting article, from what i read he was saying holding off your first meal of the day about 2 hours will burn more fat than eating immediately when trying to cut, do you think this would aid in bulking at all?


Almost like a book just came detailing just this. WOW


It will aid as far as keeping fat off while doing it. Ive had pretty good success bulking without breakfast. Still gotta eat big, just slightly offset the calories in favour of more around workouts.


He is very aptly named!