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Benefits of Neutral Grip Pull-ups?


Is there anything special about doing neutral grip pull-ups? What I mean by that is there any added benefit from doing this exercise that differentiates it from regular pull-ups and/or chin-ups. Personally, I only do regular chin-ups and pull-ups so I'm debating if I should try neutral grip.


I only do neutral grip because it is easier on my shoulders. I just see it as variety - regular, neutral and chins that you can choose from.


neutral being underhand or overhand?


Yes. Much easier on the shoulders


True. And it works your biceps more.


Neutral being neutral!

The same grip you would use for hammer curls if that helps?


Obviously joking, right?


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Do tons on neutral grip pull-ups with just BW and have seen my weighted "normal" pull-ups skyrocket.


The more suprinate your wrists are, the stronger your biceps are. The biceps are weakest when using a pronated grip and strongest when using a supianted grip. The "neutral" grip is just somewhere in between. The issue when pulling is that the biceps generally fatigue faster than the lats, so the lats will get a better workout if the biceps last longer. When using a neutral grip, you'll work the lats better than while using a pronated grip, but not as good as while using a supinated grip.