Benefits of Massage?

I was hit by a car while riding my bike, and as a result I started seeing a chiropractor and getting massages.

Yesterday, the masseuse, after saying I had very well developed traps :slight_smile: said my lats had pulled up under my scapulas. She was able to get the left one to come back out, but the right one wouldn’t budge this session.

So, that got me to thinking, could massage be useful for shaping the body? Obviously if my lats were sucked in under my scapulas, my back didn’t look as wide as it should have. Could massage coax muscles out more if you weren’t injured prior to the massage?

Or, is this just working because I was so tight from being hit by the car?

I’ve never heard of a part of a lat being beneath the scapula, but I know that a good sports massage is pretty good for the health of the tissue.

not to mention happy endings are great form of myofascial relief!

Massage is great - always works out kinks you didn’t think you had! I would have it done weekly if I could afford it.