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Benefits of Inversion Tables?


Not sure if this is the right forum.

They've got one of these at my gym. Does anyone know of the benefits or have any links to studies that prove the benefits?



They're supposed to decompress the spine and counteract the compressive loads of heavy training. I'm not sure of the "actual" benefits, but it does feel pretty good to loosen up, the same as just hanging from an overhead bar.

It's easy to get a wicked headrush though, so start by going just below parallel to the ground, and gradually increase the angle for short periods of time.


I REALLY like inversion tables and traction. Had a disc slip a last year and the traction and inversion table were the only things that made it feel better and fix it.

I'm 99% fine now but I still use the head traction unit I got from PT. It does amazing things for my neck after a day on the motorcycle.



how long are you supposed to stay on them? and how often?


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~20 minutes 3-4 times a week worked for me.