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Benefits of HGH on TRT?


Ok so I'm new to this board. Let me start off by saying I'm a 24 year old male. I have 3 years of heavy anabolic steroid usage. I have been off of it for 1 1/2 years. I've been feeling horrible got my Test levels check they are low, Dr put me on TRT but my understanding of TRT is life long. He wants to do a 12 week "cycle" of this. I do not mind of being on it for rest of my life as long as its optimal levels. Here is my protocol
HCG 4000IU M/W/F
Clomid 50 mg ED, this seems high since i have never used so much clomid before what do you think about dropping it down?
NOlva 20 mg ed
Test C 200 mg EW
I am big into weight lifting in fact it is my life, so i must be on optimal levels. my IGf-1 was 234, i have used HGH before, but how would it help my TRT protocol. My DR is willing to make changes to everything. Any information would be great thank you very much.


Btw my total test is 196, i am 24.


If you are trying to restart your HPTA, that is all wrong! SERMs increase LH, hCG activates LH receptors. The dose of hCG will downgrade your LH receptors, so will high LH levels and so will hCG+LH.

For many, excessive amounts of hCG and/or LH will create unmanageable E2 levels.

Find out what the doctor thinks he is doing instead of what he is telling you what to do.

Do not stack hCG and SERMs
Do not stack SERMs

You are a victim of bro-science.

You need to manage E2 levels, not just hide E2 from Selected tissues. You need 1mg anastrozole per week per 100mg T ester per week. Note "anastrozole" over-responders in your reading.

For many, excessive amounts of hCG and/or LH will create unmanageable E2 levels that anastrozole cannot control.

You need to manage E2 levels to be comfortable in your own brain.

Read the advice for new guys sticky and the protocol for injections sticky.


Nevermind. I used anabolic steroids i know about the injections i may split up the 100 mg for 2x a week. Are you saying do not take clomid period? If to take clomid how often, same goes with the Nolva. So you recommend Armidex? I am getting E2 Levels checked in 3 weeks so i can find out then what it is.


Also shouldn't clomid and nolva keep the e2 levels in check? I never had any E2 related issues in the past with anabolic steroid usage, I've actually never even needed armidex always had it on hand though. I would just take a small does of nolva ED and be fine. I also have never taken nearly as high of a dosage of HCG that i am currently on. Any help would be great thank you.


Clomid and nolvadex are SERMs which increase E2 levels. The increased E2 will increase SHBG, which reduces FT. E2 blocks FT at T receptors, reducing the effect of any given FT level. Increased E2 creates mood, energy and libido problems. I often think that a lot of 'roid rage' is from elevated E2.

Aromatase Inhibitors reduce T-->E2 aromatization, decreasing E2 and increasing FT.

Managing E2 will improve the effectiveness of your T and your state of mind.

Taking a SERM to manage bloat or gyno is really missing the point. SERMs cover up a problem, anastrozole prevents a problem. Anastrozole should be a baseline defense and a SERM is a second line of defense if your anastrozole use has not been effective. SERMs have a real role to play in PCT.

If you find out from the stickies what a good TRT program is, you will see that those principles should be basic to cycles as well.

Are you wanting to try to recover your HPTA?


Honestly i plan on doing cycles in the future so not really. I just want optimal levels to enchance my training. So clomid and Nolva should not be used at all while i use HCG and the Test? Only use Clomid and NOlva for PCTS thats it?


Your dr needs to schooled properly on HRT and these types of protocols are not medically justiable usually resulting in causing more problems then its worth. For 24 I would avoid TRT at all cost looking into proper restart would be highly suggested. Clomid with TRT is bad practice may be if you want to get a chick pregno, but other wise has no purpose. Being a heavy steroid user most likely you are going to go back on a cycle and right now you are kind of looking for a potential excuse for dr to legals administer testosterone. I see these patients all the time and can spot them a mile away..


Sounds like you are more interested in doing TRT with cycles on top. Your HPTA will always be shut down. If you use hCG it will be to prevent loss of your testes and/or fertility. You can do that with 250iu EOD.

Your TRT protocol will be as described here, read the protocol for injections sticky and the estradiol sticky.

Your anastrozole needs will change with your cycles.

If you are always on, the principles still apply.

I don't see any need for a SERM unless you are attempting to preserve fertility.


Yea but not anytime soon. I just spoke with him he is going to get get back to me tomorrow about the Adex and the dosage. What is a good dosage for optimal results? So your saying no Clomid and Nolva during the usage of HCG+Test? I just would like to understand the protocol that's it.


Read (at least) the two stickies KSMAN mentioned. It will explain everything.


Okay so my question to you is how much arimidex for 200 mg Test C 2000 iu of hcg m/w/f would i be using since that is prob what my TRT will look like once i drop the SERMS? Thanks


Ok i spoke with my dr, he is going to give me an arimdex script next week and am getting my E2 levels checked to see if i need to be using it. If my E2 is high and not optimal i will start to use the Arimdex and get off the clomid and nolva, for 200+ mg of Test a week what ahould the dosage be? Thank you all.