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Benefits of Fiber


Quick blog post I wrote on the benefits of fiber. Comes up a lot at work being a pharmacist and figured I'd just write a post about it. Thought you guys might be interested.


Check it out, I'd appreciate feedback/comments.


I am going to do a complement sandwich:

Your page layout and pictures are very good.

Who is this blog aimed at?
First you write a bit about fiber then explain how to calculate net carbs?

If you want people to read a blog do research and write about high level stuff they don't already know. When it comes to fiber give multiple recommendations from different health and government organizations and research journals. Then talk about how mankind eats less and less fiber compared to our early ancestors.

Finally once you have established that you know what you are talking about interpret all the information and give your recommendation. Maybe even recommend good fiber supplements or give personal anecdotes like, "Benefiber tastes like chalky ass."

You spell good.


Thanks for the feedback! The article is intended for anyone really. My father (63) randomly asked me one day "Why is fiber good? What does it do?". A lot of people are told things are "good" and really have no idea why.

From my experience as a pharmacist, you'd be amazed as to how little the general population knows. You sound as though you likely know significantly more about health/fitness than the average American. The average American with even the slightest interest in his/her health is the target audience for this post, so I understand how it may not be an overwhelmingly informative post for you.

I definitely think making it a two-part post with high-level info as part 2 is perhaps the best route to go to cater to both the "average" individual and people like you to whom a post like this would be common knowledge.

Again, thanks a lot for the feedback. I am always looking to improve!