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Benefits of Electric Stimulation?


Does it have any uses beyond pain magement?

Didn't know where else to put this. But say to cure diseases?


I haven't heard of any evidence supporting E-Stim to cure diseases. What type of disease were you looking for it to help???

In all, from my experience and from evidence supported research, E-Stim (depending on the settings it is set to) is good for pain regulation, decreasing muscle spasm, muscle reeducation, and there are mixed results on it's effect at the cellular level of tissues.


None, I'm healthy as an ox, just curious as I've been reading on it's effects on the immune system. Although it does look very promising for treating cognitive issues.


Interesting. As always, feel free to post links to articles/research that you have come across. I'm sure myself and others would be interested in reading it all.


The only worthwhile use I can think of would be in an attempt to maintain some muscle tome in victims of paralysis. It ain't gonna cure any diseases and, in my experience, it's a waste of time in physical therapy.


Are you a physical therapist or did you see one?


In the traditional physical therapy setting, I agree that it is usually a waist of time to use E-stim since insurance will only cover a specific amount of units/time per session, which are already too low to begin with (that is a whole different rant/topic to discuss). By using e-stim, you are taking time away from other, potentially more beneficial therapies to be utilized.

But IMO, EStim has it's place, but is commonly misused and over-used in replacement of other manual therapies and rehab. Thankfully I have worked in settings where I am not limited in the treatment by insurance companies. Even though I am much more of a manual therapist and rehab focused, so I don't commonly use E-Stim, I've seen positive results especially when trying to break the pain-spasm cycle when e-stim is used in conjunction with other therapies.