Benefits of Carbolin 19 at 18?

i want to to try a new supplement as my gains have come to a stop.

right now im just using whey, Metabolic Drive, ZMA and creatine

Will Alpha Male or Carbolin 19 be of any use at my age (i do have healthy t-levels)?

also is it possible that products like Alpha Male can mess up the enodcrine system by causing hormonal imbalances?i’ve become very paranoid about this since reading about it on another website.

Diet and workout program changes will yield you greater results. I would add a multi, healthy fats, BCAA’s and Surge. These will help, but are not a magic bullet, training, nutrition and rest are.

Neither Alpha Male or TRIBEX will “mess up” your endocrine system.

However, if you’re not making gains at your age you probably need to take another look at your diet and or training.