Benefits of Capsaicin?


This isn’t exactly a steroid, but it is a drug.

Was wondering or the ergogenic potential of capsaicin.

The stuff has pain killing properties in that it blocks the action of the neurotransmitter Substance P - which is the “pain” neurostransmitter. It acts specifically on the “pain” response, and its effects here are meant to be quite subtle - so you generally feel all levels of kinesthetic sensation, even to the point of discomfort - but it is meant to put a lid on the pain you experience.

I ask in the hope of exploring this substance for the purposes of a combat athlete.

I.e. - in a fight earlier this year, i had my nose broken and the fight was stopped. Now admittedly i pussied out cos my nose was broken/gushing with blood, but i keep thinking that if i could have endured the pain, and taken more blows to the nose without feeling pain, i could have fought on (i was CLEARLY dominating the fight).

As such, i was consider the use of capsaicin for any eventually that may arise if i broke a fist, sprained something, or fucked myself up somehow, and was beginning to feel like too much of a pussy to fight on.

The substance itself is banned by the Equestrian association because it was administered by race horse fraternity on race horses for them no to feel pain during racing and race on regardless etc…

It is not on the radar of WADA or any other body - was wondering if any humans have used it for what i have described.


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oh i am well aware it’s pure cheating. And no i’m not “totally” comfortable with that side of things - but then i also have interests in ergogenics… so w’evs.

I only stumbled on it cos i was reading on pain management - mainly looking at psychological techniques to deal with/manage pain and i came across this substance they inject in horses to eliminate pain and it has since been banned in Equestrian events - but not by sporting bodies, apparently.

And no, i wouldn’t just rub it on my nose lol

Anyway, yeah, i am looking for something to allow me to continue with a battered broken body to fuck it up more. Maybe idiotic, but i have a philosophy, when i’m in the ring - that it is a nihilistic event - death or glory, and that’s a mentality i’d like to cultivate. I’ve fought with a broken hand before, and usually when the adrenalin is kickin, you don’t even feel it. However, pain makes cowards of us all, and thats an area, “pyschologically” at least, i’ve been looking at. And i guess, from an academic point of view, neurotransmitters and coping with pain is also an area of interest.

On balance, tho, i don’t think i will be pursuing this in a practical application - though wuold still be into it for a self-experimental thing. If you see what i means…

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Yeah, well, i’m a fuck head. And also an extremely self destructive individual. It is not for you to understand my mentality or even why a skinny punk from the north of england even got involved in combat sports to begin with.

And, WITH RESPECT, your macho hypothetical scenariao is pretty vacuous. First of all, i’m pretty useless to take on ANY street thugs at least 6 days a week during my training period, due to the sheer exhaustion of my training which normally leaves me limping for the bus. And secondly, what if me and my girl get jumped on by 6 thugs? 20 gorillas? A troop of renegade North Korean commandos? etc…

Still i do wonder how pain and pain perception works and what i could do to register it and be in control of it at the same time.

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guess it’s difficult to convey tone on the internet.

It’s cool dude, i know there’s something wreckless in my question/attitude, but then that’s just a judgement and i live my life near the edge, so honestly, i don’t know how to reply to you with regards to my mentality.

And i don’t think it’s an asinine hypothesis. Just to clarify, i’ve never in my life been fucked with on the streets/clubs/bar anywhere - this includes when i was a skinny chode and since now when i’m considerably bigger/more intimidating. But i know this happens all the time, but preparing for such hypothetical is just not something on my radar for whatever reason. That’s not why i train/fight, nor is it a source of insecurity.

I do respect you, i don’t think you’re a dick, i just don’t share your concerns.

Sorry if this thread came off wrong. :frowning:

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holy shit, that’s brilliant BBB! Thanks!

Weird you say that about “zenning” yourself out of pain. I’ve practiced meditation to a degree and being in the now and i can relate to the pyschological tools of pain management you refer to. For example. i’ve been trying to learn how to do the side splits, and i’m very close right now, and the way i did it was to stretch (gradually, using PNF techniques) as far as i could and then hold that position for 5 minutes. And i know 5 minutes doesn’t sound like long, but if you’ve ever tried to do the splits and then hold it at MAX for even 30 seconds, is fucking painful. In this throbbing burning sort of way. And 5 minutes is looooooong and agony. And i try “zoning out” and meditating on the pain to the point i don’t even perceive it as bothersome.

But like you said “harm” is much more difficult to deal with, and if i knew i was about to rip my legs apart, i know my “emotional” resolve would crumble.

Facinating, and thanks again!