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Benefits of calf raises

Do any of you know the benefits that go along with doing calf raises? thank you.

Whats with the fascination with calf raises lately? they build the calves. they dont help vertical jump or speed much if at all. thats about it.

Um, bigger calves?

no. do you?

Benefits? Injuries? It looks like you getting allowing the fine folks at this website to do your research for a paper. Do you want us to supply the references also?

Am I missing something, or is this the stupidest question in the history of the universe?

thank you zeb. you said it. while we are at it can someone tell me the benefits of the bench press and squat. cmon people.

im not sure bro, but i can tell you the benefits of spanking your monkey. only if your interested.

The ancient Greek strongman, along with many old time Russian lifters (just in case Pavel’s reading), engaged in calf raises. The benefits are similar to a clean and jerk. But as the calf gets bigger over time, it gets harder to lift. Eventually, you’re no longer doing “calf” raises, but rather, “cow” or “bull” raises. I hope I answered your question!

What does spanking the monkey mean? and what are the benefits of it? Thanks alot guys.

hey bro, if you dont know what spanking your monkey means, you have some serious deep rooted problems.

Great question, Dale! Calf raises not only cause significant hypertrophy of the calf muscles, they also cut through pennies, eliminate nasty grease stains, reduce debt, puree potatoes, help you earn a bachelor’s degree from the comfort of your own home, reinvigorate your sex life, feed starving children, and promote world peace. And they can be folded easily for convenient travel and storage. All for just 10 reps a day! Call now! 1-800-DUMBA$$