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Benefits of Aspirin Also Attributable to Fish Oil?

I hear all these random quips about the benefits of aspirin, I think the last one was on NPR and said low dose aspirin daily reduces risk of colon cancer, but dont quote me.

Since aspirin, to my knowledge, primarily is a blood thinner, and fish oil accomplishes this as well, can most of the benefits of regular aspirin use be ascribed to fish oil use as well? This is an oversimplification, obviously, but how right or wrong is it?

And off to the gym this lovely saturday morning…

Hi Mr Milktruck,

You make an interesting query. On a side note Ive been hearing lately there has been a study that shown those men who have a higher concentation of omega 3 in their blood, had a higher chance of having a more aggressive form of prostate cancer?? Is taking some saw palmetto enought to counter this negative side effect of fish oil??

And it is a lovely saturday isnt it.

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Can you provide a link to the article?
I am very interested in any studies involving the prevention of colon cancer.