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Benefits of Alternating T Dose Weekly?

Hey fellas, I’ve seen that some of you have talked about alternating your dose in a scheduled way because you find it creates some benefits. I’ve wondered about this, and I wanted to explore this idea more. So for example, if I currently am on 35mg EOD (125/week) I could step down slightly for a week or two (e.g., 30mg EOD) and then step up to 40mg EOD for a week or two. Am I crazy? Are there real benefits some of you have experienced with this practice? TIA

I doubt you’re crazy, but I do think you are over thinking this. I have yet to see any research that shows that there is down regulation of T receptors in the body. If there is such research, I’d love for someone to post a link. I’m always open to leaning more about TRT.

In my 8+ years of experience, I find that getting onto a regular and simple protocol that is sustainable over many years is the key to success.


I have a few guys who do this and I know a few doctors who feel it is beneficial. I have done it within a 20% range and cannot say I noticed any difference. I do not suggest it, but if someone would like to try I don’t really mind.

I alternated between 185mg and 200mg every 2 weeks and it seemed to keep libido higher. Eventually I just stayed at 200mg and didn’t notice much difference but who knows. Definitely not something you should mess with until you find your ideal protocol and have been on it consistently for quite some time.

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Generally this is not how it works.
You change things until you find what works for you and then stick to it.

The body like consistency. A curve ball is okay once in a while, but keep things steady

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Again, you’re missing the point.

Some feel the benefit from staggering doses.

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