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Benefits From BCAA's & HOT-ROX


Edit: There have been some developments and I would very much like my most recent posted question answered, thanks alot for your time :slight_smile:

Hello, I have a friend who has studied these things in college, and he told me that BCAA are not only not needed, but are also not even helpful for training, and that I get enough from normal foods.

He also said that he thinks HOT-ROX (I showed him the details) won't do anything for me. I'm willing to do any kind of training, but will ordering these two supplements help me in any way?

When I order them I will also order some Surge or Grow!, and maybe Flameout. Thanks alot for any help :slight_smile:


You don't need them, and I've read/heard the same things. But this is where science fails sometimes. A lot of research is study design.

It's my experience that I have almost no soreness the day after I lift if I take BCAA's immediately after (sometimes before and during) my workout. If I do not take them, I'm very sore.

You probably don't need HOT-ROX either, unless you find that you're dragging through the day, or are trying to get super-lean. If you're somewhat of a beginner, I'd recommend keeping your stims to the occasional coffee or tea.

(Note that I do not supplement with Surge or any other workout drinks. Food, ZMA, Flameout/carlsons, creatine. I train 4-7 times per week, short workouts, compound movements.)


Yeah, the fact that they're not needed is obvious, but I always thought they would help... Thanks for the info on HOT-ROX and BCAA. What would you recommend for a beginner?

I like having a tasty "shake" that's actually good for me instead of eating tuna which isn't always healthy, or eggwhites which are expensive and hard to swallow for my taste.

So I would opt for a Surge, and maybe the BCAA, and the Fishoil? I want to get it all in one order, because I live in Israel and shipping is costly.


im a firm believer that BCAA's work thats just my opinion.


Can u be a little more clear on what exactly ur friend has studied in college and what his level of education is?


There are plenty of scientific studies on the great benefit of BCAAs. Various articles on this site have detailed these studies. HOT-ROX just flat out works. You lose fat faster and easier.


how many bottles of HOT-ROX do you need in order to lose fat?


and with HOT-ROX do you maintain muscle while just losing fat?


Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile: From what I read HOT-ROX is not something beginners should use, is that true?


Honestly, it is easier to lose fat with a supplement like HOT-ROX. But, what are your stats and training history? I wouldn't recommend starting off with something you're not going to want to use all the time. In my opinion, HOT-ROX and thermogenics should be saved as a boost when things are getting slow. If your diet and training are right and you're a beginner, weight is going to fall off you, HRX or not.

Diet: Read more about this. You're not just limited to tuna. And don't skip your yolks. Eat all kinds of unprocessed meats, vegetables, fish/flax/olive oils, and the occasional fruit. Can't go wrong.

Do you have any specific goals? That'll make your questions a lot easier to answer.

As a beginner you want to stick with the staples that definitely work and hardly need to be cycled (however, I believe its best to vary everything): Surge (post workout), BCAAs (pre/during/post workout), Metabolic Drive (when you can't get a meal in), Flameout (with meals), ZMA (prebed), creatine (post workout). Even this is kind've a lot of stuff, but if your training and diet is right already, and you're ready to spend some cash, you should be very happy with your results.

p.s. While I support Biotest most of the time, I get great (the same) results from bulk BCAAs which are SO much cheaper.


No. It's a marketing tactic. It makes you want to use it more if you are a beginner to see what it's all about and if you are experienced because you feel exclusive and special.

I never lost a significant amount of weight using HOT-ROX myself, but I'm pretty lean and have trouble losing fat with any diet, routine, supplement etc. Many people claim HOT-ROX works for them really well and I will say it did give a pretty good energy boost. They are not that expensive. Try a bottle and see what you think for yourself.


Beginners should avoid fat burners in general, and just stick to lifting and eating properly in my opinion.

Supplements, I wouldn't use more than a protein powder and fish oil.


My diet consists of about 2100-2200 calories per day, and includes veggies, tuna, eggs, chicken breasts, oatmeal, brown rice, whole bread, and fishoil. And milk sometimes. I stopped drinking ridiculous amounts of Coke a few months ago and am feeling better for it, I eat my favorite food, a Tortia made without cooking oil once a week, even less, and that's about it. I prepare my own food but am having trouble keeping up the pace as I serve in the army.

I'm trying Real Fast Fat Loss at the moment, prior to that I did some lifting, not what you would call random, but I didn't followa professional program. I did notice some gains and a large increase in strength.

I am looking to become a bit leaner, currently at 19% BF which is high I think, I want to be 13-15%, abs would be nice but it's not my first priority. After I'm done with that I want to grow and to become much stronger, strength is my main goal here then, followed by size. Oh and I weight 180ish, 6', 20yo.

Thanks alot for the help :slightly_smiling:


It's not any particular amount of bottles. You should be losing fat all along every week based on your training and diet. Adding HOT-ROX to the equation should speed up the rate of fat loss. It can also help you get really lean, get those last few lbs off that don't seem to budge. I think you should do some more general reading in the nutrition forum.


Yes, it is a great aid in muscle maintenance while dieting. Again, your diet and training need to be in line as well.


Proof that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.

Seriously, if your friend was an exercise phys major or something similar the only thing he was likely taught is that supplements, like steroids, are bad.


He learned how to be a personal trainer or a gym instructor or something, no degree, but I trust him so I wanted to ask.


Not necessarily that you can't trust him, rather that he is misinformed. As long as you are following the tenets of fat loss, monitoring/reducing your caloric intake and upping your calorie burning, HOT-ROX will accelerate your fat loss. I've used it myself successfully and know too many others who have as well to doubt this. Also, your avatar is creepy and can help with fat loss by killing appetite.

Take care,



So HOT-ROX is only supposed o work if your diet and excersice is perfect already or would it help somone who was going to the gym 3 days a week. No Cardio and a decent diet but not perfect.


Haha thanks for the tip Dedicated :stuck_out_tongue: Just showing off my photoshop skills :smiley: