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Benefits & Downfalls of Cleansing?

I dont know if this has been talked about before, its been awhile since I have been on here, but is there anything about cleanses? Anything by the authors about the benefit or downfall of cleansing?

Does it work, and is it worth it or should I save my money? If someone can give me feedback or lead me to some sources with info on this or even just leave your personal experiences about it, let me know, much appreciated!

Are you referring to colonic cleansing, fasting, etc? If so, you might want to check out the related entries over at Quackwatch:

If you eat your vegetables and get at least 25 grams of fiber a day, you will be plenty “clean.”

I do think colon cleanse type products are valuable for people who have eaten like garbage for a long period of time. Though most of them are just massive amounts of fiber packaged in a pretty box for a pretty price. Make it a goal to eat a large bowl of Fiber One each morning and each night and you’ll be as “clean” in as little time and for a lot less money.

I think those who advocate high-frequency cleansing are mistaken. Probably just once a year or so is fine. Otherwise, just eat plenty of fiber.

There’s a technique in the indian traditional medicine (Ayurveda) called Shank Prakshalana, which is like a super-cleansing, but I strongly advise against learning and doing it unsupervised. Yes, you can google it up, but just don’t do it by yourself. See if you can find an experienced ayurvedic doctor and do it under his/her supervision at least for the first time.

I did it a couple times, from a subjective point of view it’s great, but still I don’t see a point in repeating it more often than once a year.