Benefit of Really High Reps?

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Nothing added more mass to my thighs than 30-rep full squats done 2x per week.

Does TUT account for anything? :wink:

Your quads are not fast twitch, so high reps are the way to go…

Ya… low or high reps will work for every bodypart… it is just about the ration of fibres in that muscle.

But someone else said something i find to be pretty accurate…

The low reps tended to build the low back, glutes and hips and hammies, and the higherreps (albeit deeper) stimulated the quads more. I do find this to be true… does anyone know if the general proportion of fast/slow tissue matches this observation?

Well you can use high reps in a lot of ways. RIght now Im using high rep partial ROM in my dip training to help faciliate better strength gains and build up connective tissue and tendon strength.

I wonder how strip sets fit into the high rep scheme. For example, on bench i can start very heavy where i can do 1 or 2 reps, then strip some wieght where i do another 1 or 2 reps, and i could keep going until i have done 50 reps.

With strip sets you cross all the thresholds; heavy for strengh, medium for mass, and then low wieght for endurance. I really dont know; but thought id ask as i have been doing a lot of strips lately; though must say i dont really go to the 50 or 100 rep; but i may do 15 or 20 reps this way.

Its hypertrophy… Like what about a cluster set? Where you do 1 rep but rest 20 secs and do another…5 times?
Pure strength with volume leads to hypertrophy, or “functional HT”

Sometimes things dont fit into the pigeon holes… like we found out with open and closed chain exercises and the squat or DL or clean or snatch!

I guess if you needed to label it it would come under all you mentioned, functional hypertrophy with endurance strength!! lolol!

Yah, thats the reason i sort of like the strip sets. For some reason, if i do a heavy set with reps ranging from 1 to 5, i really dont feel ive worked the muscle, so i’ve been stripping weight to get more work reps in and really start much more heavy like in the 1 or 2 rep range and start stripping. This brings my tut to about almost a minute and half which is really in the endurance range; but i think i am crossing all the thresholds because i start very heavy.

please, lets not get in a discussion about closed and open chain exercises again.

lmao! tell me about it! haha!

I got an idea for a thread…

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
It’s good for recovery. I’ll often do a 50 rep set of bench or leg press if I’m feeling sore. Works like a charm.

It’s also recommended as a technique to flood a muscle with blood and nutrients at the end of a workout, and I think this has a lot of merit. I’ve also heard of people using it to work on form.



Guys like Scott Abel advocate high reps for quads because the time under tension is very high for each set. I believe he recommended a routine of something like 2 x 50 followed by 2 x 100 for both leg press and leg extension.

Coach Thibs posted the Hungarian Oak routine a while back that also prescribed a very long, high rep set of leg press or squats.

Like others here, I like to throw a high rep set (50 reps or so) at the end of my workouts from time to time to change things up.

Experiment with it and see if it does anything for you. That’s the only way you’ll know.

My knees have been on fire lately… probably due to non-stop heavy, low rep squats since last November. Ouch!
These high-rep recommendations for quad size sounds like a winner.

Thanks guys.