hi, this might be the lamest Q some of you have ever gotten, but here goes. Is there any benefit to taking ALA w/ p-f meals? if so/not what is the reasoning? thanks as always all replys are appreciated, even if they are to call me a loser

no it is not.


r-ala increases blood glucose uptake by muscle cells. p+f=no blood glucose=r-ala useless=money down the drain=janderstein forced to beg/whore for supplements money.


si yo comprendo…thanks that is all I needed, and I like the straight forwardness of your reply.

You can if you’re using it to speed up your drop into ketosis. Otherwise no, don’t bother.

Don’t forget that ALA is a great antioxidant (it neutralizes free radicals that other antioxidants won’t), as well as being efficient at liver detoxification. SO, if you are on a very low carb diet and have any liver toxins going in your body on a regular basis, you could still throw in a little ala here and there for it’s other benefits (as well as what Thunder mentioned).

Just trying to tease something out here… Do any of you ALA experts know whether r-ALA possesses the same anti-oxidant properties as the regular stuff? If so, there doesn’t seem to be much sense in taking regular ALA at all (aside from the lower price, but since you wouldn’t get the partitioning benefits…).

Also, janderstein, just to clarify: are you asking about ALA or r-ALA?

char, the information would be used for both, I recently purchased ala, but when I finish the bottles I have I am going to make sure and pick up some r-ala