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I just bought a small bottle of Benefiber to try as a change from my usual Metamucil. It’s grit-free and non-thickening and disolves completely. You can’t tell it’s even there.

Hence tye problem. I mixed it in a glass of clear water and it disolved into nothing. I left it overnight and it didn’t thicken. How is this supposed to work as a fiber?

The ingredients list only partially-hydrolyzed guar gum and the label claims 3g dietary fiber abd 3g soluble fiber but the total carbohydrates is only 4g.

What gives? Is this legit? Anyone know?

Is guar gum even a fiber? A lot of MRPs use them and they don’t list much fiber if any.

Sniffles, yes, guar gum is a water-soluble fiber. Among other things, it is used as a thickener and also as a dairy stabilizer. Dan Duchaine used it in his Body Opus diet to keep food in the stomach longer, my best guess being to increase satiety on low-calorie diets.

Re whether Benefiber is legitimate, I have no personal experience, but give Novartis (the company who makes Benefiber) a call @ 952-925-2100. I’m sure they can provide studies and information on efficacy as it relates to constipation and slowed intestinal motility.

Thanks Tampa.