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BeneFiber And Whey Protein


in an attempt to increase my fiber intake, I've recently started adding benefiber to my protein shakes. Are ther any draw backs to this? Thanks, A.C.


You might go take a dump more often



I add it to most of my Metabolic Drive shakes, no problem unless you consider pooping on a regular basis a problem?


lol, phil you're great man.


Could slow digestion, so you might want to avoid it around workout time. Though, I could be wrong - feel free to correct me.


No correction needed. Anything that slows absorption (fats, fiber) should be avoided peri-workout, although that same nutritional characteristic is highly desirable at most every other point during the day.


Thanks for the quick replys. You guys are great. A.C.


Although I've heard this many times I have tried both ways and there is not a single noticeable detrimental effect to adding fiber to your PWO drink.