Benedikt Magnusson Deadlifting

This guy is very inspirational! Not only does he now hold the world deadlift record at 970, but he gets really worked up before every lift, and it makes me want to go deadlift! He’s also only 21 or 22 too, which is… quite an accomplishment.

You can find some videos of him at
The one in the November 30th update doesn’t work, but the ones in the november 8th update do. Personally I don’t even care what weight he’s handling, I just prefer watching his warmup roars. What an amazing guy…

Just wanted to add that theres an interview of him there too. Talk about a good sport! If theres anyone I expect to break 1000 first, it would be good old Benedikt.

No way man… Andy Bolton all the way…

UK Rules,


Benni is the best deadlift specialist in the world currently. If he squats and benches legitimately before pulling, then perhaps he can become the greatest deadlifter. But right now the all-time deadlift record is moving faster than the all-time bench record. Something is seriously wrong with the gear whoring here. hahaha.