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Benedikt Magnusson 1015 deadlift


Benedikt Magnusson is a wizard. Just happened about 45 minutes ago.


Power Overwhelming.

That's the most amazing lift I have ever seen.


that looked so easy



Thanks for sharing.


Jeez, he had another 20 lb in him! Pure beast.


He did not just do that...


I was there and saw it. It was the most amazing lift I have seen. He held it a little longer at the top and he descending slow and controlled. He opened with 905 and went straight to 1015. He also competed in the deadlift for reps. He repped 575 for 22 reps without a belt.



Was this a sanctioned meet from any organization? I'm just wondering, as Benni didn't have singlet on. Or was it some kind of expo?

Basically, is this an official record?




It was the MHP Clash of the Titans. I think they guy that runs it started a fed for these meets a while back. I have noticed on powerlifting watch a fed listed as Hardcore. The website for the meet is hardcorepowerlifing.com. It was at the Ronnie Coleman Classic expo.


That belt clearly added at least 500 pounds. not impressed

Okay that was a joke.

I cant believe i just saw that, it was better then a wet dream haha.


I just jizzed a little.


So is this an official record? I hope so. I wanted to see him beat Andy for a long time now


I always liked watching him pull. He seems to do it with absolute passion and focus. And as soon as he locks it out, he plays with it. I love it :slight_smile:



That is the most impressive lift I have ever seen


BENNIE SMASH RECORD!!! That pull was a thing of beauty.


Wow. He made that look easy.


Has this guy ever struggled on a DL? Good fucking god.


He's a nice fellow and let my son get a picture with him at the Arnold classic five years ago .

Fwiw pudizanski , sp, is a douche .