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Bending Nails

After being inspired by my friend and strength coach Brett Jones, I decided to start doing some nail bending. The bail bending increased Brett’s overhead pressing and worked well for my friend Steve Cotter as well.

I got my bag of nails from Ironmind a few days ago and started soing some nail bending. The nails come in several levels

Level 1: White
Level 2: green
Level 3: yellow
Leve 4: blue
Level 5: red

I am just sticking to one and two for now. Yesterday I bent five green and five white. Today i did 6 white and 10 greeen nails.

When I bend all of the white and green nails that I have I am just going to get more from teh hardware store. Much cheaper. The bending is fine and takes some real wrist strength and full body tension. Definitely fun stuff and pretty addictive. Great stress breaker as well :wink:

Mike Mahler

how much did they cost you from ironmind?

i forgot all about nail bending in my list of grip exercises :slight_smile:

my favorite grip exercise is “pinch grip deadlift” with plates smooth side out attached by some rope or chains…

mike, did you ever read mastery of hand strength (im assuming you have)? i ordered it, never came in (should have ordered from ironmind), but my question is, do you think there’s ALOT of different info in it than the dino training book? in dino training he mentions alot of methods used in mastery of hand strength, i am unsure if i should purchase it!

peace :slight_smile:


I would definately reccommend mastery of hand strength. More details for grip training. I’ve been bending for about 5 months now and I just conquered the 60d nail about a month ago. Bending works your whole arm and really toughens up the hands. Working towards a 6" grade 5 bolt now so hopefully by the end of this month.

You cant go wrong with “MOHS” or “the grip masters manual” for hand strength info!

The bag of nails was $79.00 total and includes a canvas for wrapping the nails to bend, a bag and a lot of nails.

I actually have not read the mastery of hands stength book. However, I have met the author John Brookfield and he is a great guy with out of this world grip strength. If he wrote it, you can bet that it is damn good!


try bending coins. yeah, that’s tough.

“all your base are belong to us. You have no chance to survive, make your time.”

I just wanted to add this:


These tips are from Brookfield, and there are some great tips there.


Are you suppose to bend with both hands? and what are the sizes of the 5 nails?

Sorry ,I’m not Mike ,but I finally found a topic I can contribute to. He can correct me if I’m wrong. (please do)

Three main styles of bending: (all with two hands) double overhand, double underhand and a mixed grip(where one hand would bend it over the webbing of the thumb on the other hand).

IM bag of nail sizes:
white- 3/16"x6"long
green- 3/16"x5"long
yellow- 1/4"x7"
Blue- 1/4’x6"
RED- 5/16"x7"

All of them are round steel rods and are either hot rolled steel(hrs) or cold rolled (crs). They have changed a few times so I’m not sure if its hrs or crs now. Generally, hrs is easier than crs.The RED has stayed crs though. Hope I helped. :slight_smile:

Yes you wrap the nails in a wash cloth and bend with both hands. Here are the sizes:

white nail: 7" by 3/16"
green: 6" by 3/16"
yellow: 7" by 1/4"
blue: 6" by 1/4"
red: 7" by 5/16"

I?ve had the goal for about 2 years to bend a red nail. Damn that nail is hard to bend.
Nail bending is truly an awesome exercise to strengthen the wrist musculature and fun to.

How about tearing quarters ?
and you gotta love this story…