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BenchPressPapi's journey to a 405 bench press


T&G CGBP 45x20,135x10,225x10,315x1x2,340x1,295x6,
225x31 w/ sling shot,225x12
Tricep ext 70xAMRAPx3,50xAMRAP
Squats 135x10, 225x14
100lb Chest supported DB rows ss/ 30lb rear delt 30lb DB swings AMRAPx4
Face pulls 40xAMRAPx5


GG floor press w/ 5 sec pause
T&G CGBP 285x8x3
Tricep ext 70xAMRAPx3,50xAMRAP
Squats 135x10, 225x15
Chin ups 10x3
Face pulls 40xAMRAPx5


T&G CGBP 45x20,135x10,225x10,315x1x2,345x1x2
,295x10w/ ss, 275x8x2
Tricep ext 70xAMRAPx3,50xAMRAP
Chest supported DB rows 100x12x4 ss w/ rear delt DB swings 27.5x20
Squats 135x10, 225x16
Face pulls 40xAMRAPx5
Cable hammer curls AMRAPx3


T&G CGBP 45x20,135x10,225x10,315x1x2,335,355,
Tricep ext 70xAMRAPx3,50xAMRAP
Hammer strength lat pull down 270x8x4
Single leg press 180x8x2
Face pulls 40xAMRAPx4


Holy shit you’ve been sneaking squats and leg presses in on us. No warning or anything. I feel like I’ve been cheated on or something!


That’s some desperation to get the bench moving :joy:


Yea lol. I need more mass. I gained 4 lbs since I started training legs again.

T&G CGBP 45x20,135x10,225x10,315,335,360,365,
300x10 w/ sling shot,275x10,225x 20w/ slingshot
Tricep ext 75xAMRAPx3,50xAMRAP
Chin ups 12x4 ss w/ Face pulls
Cable hammer curls 57.5xAMRAPx3


Im starting to get comfortable with 365 again

45x20,135x10,225x10,335,355,365,365x2 w/ sling shot,275x8x2
Tricep ext 80xAMRAPx3,50xAMRAPx2
Hammer strength lat pull down 270x11x4,180xAMRAP
Face pulls 40xAMRAPx4
Hammer curls 30xAMRAPx3
leg press 230x20x3


Tricep ext 62.5xAMRAPx3,
Front/mid/rear delt raise circuit 25x10x3x2
Weighted Chin ups 45x10x3
Face pulls 40xAMRAPx4


I hit 225x25 today but I’m still struggling with 370. I should be in the 400 range right now smh. Idk whats going on.

Tricep ext 65x15x3
DB Front raises 35x15x3 ss with 20lb DB lateral raises
Chest supported DB rows 95x8x4
Hammer curls 30xAMRAPx5
Preacher curls machine 100x10x2,75x10x2,50xAMRAPx2


Might have to gain some bodyweight brah.