Benchpress Problem

I really want to get stronger at the Benchpress. But i fell every Time i focus on i get weaker.
In the time i only doing waighted Dips i easy hit 115 kilos. Without any Benchpress Training.

Now i do the Powerlook Program (week8) ditch the dip for this and struggle on 2 Reps of 100kg.

My Pecs also gets a little smaller. Can you help me out please?

What’s your weakpoint in the bench press and how does your technique look like?

Are the dips the only change in your program?

My Weakpoint is the midrange. I try to load up 3 vids . 1 is Dips but older video and other two just from Week 6 PLP. Benchpress5x3 @95kg.

Now im on week 9. Thanks for Help

Before i had two Pushdays a Weak.

Militarypress 3x5
Dips 4x6-8reps
Incline or Butterflyes 3x10
Shoulder Isolation 1-2 exercises

Benchpress @95kg sideview

Benchpress @95kg frontview

Dip @98kg bodyweight + 15kg extraweight.

[quote]Germanguy wrote:

Dip @98kg bodyweight + 15kg extraweight.


At first I was impressed when you said you did 115kg weighted dips. You don’t add your bodyweight into that… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean i hit easy 1x 115kg on the bench by only training weighted Dips.

i am no expert, however I would say finish your program and after that if you want to increase your bench, focus on it.
Since you are strong on the dips, I think that your shoulders are you holding back!
-get tighter when you bench
-use leg drive
-perform much overhead work
-paused bench press in mid rang
-lots of dips
-incline bench press

Also keep in mind if you want to become as strong as possible on the bench press, you need to bench!
How you program everything now depends on your priority and on general goal.

Number one the music in the gym is just awful, I love T Swift as much as the next guy but not while I’m lifting. That could be partly the problem for you.

You bar path seems a little shaky to me. On the front view you seem to bring the bar back to your head after you lift it. Bench with a little more frequency in your program and lower the weight you use and that usually helps with my bar path become less shaky.

Also you have a spotter but he does not do anything. The spotter should help you get the bar off correctly. You lift the bar way to high to get it off the rack, which is gonna move your back and shoulder position you just set up for. A good spotter will minimize the rise in bar when releasing it from the hooks. It should come straight out without minimal movement vertically.

Another little thing, squeeze the bar as hard as you can when you bench. I didn’t see you do that very hard. And tuck the elbows more in the bottom position, they stay flared the whole time. You do somethings right but you are missing some of the more refined techniques.

Finish the workout program your own now and get a little better with the technique. But a good bench mostly comes from technique and then from rows, more rows, some grip work and more rows again. Overall its not that bad but a good workout partner should be telling you these queues when you lift.

Thank you very much Guys! I will follow your advises

and yes i know. The music is bad :slight_smile: