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Benchpress Form?

It seems the correct way is to keep the elbows pointing away from your head by being tucked in slightly, rather than having them point away from eachother; is this correct?

Also, I saw videos similar to these on google video:


I noticed the huge arch in people’s backs, is this make your max easier and is condoned or shunned?

Eric Cressy discussed proper bench press form in his shoulder savers articles, you will want to check that out. According to that it sounds like if you want to take care of your shoulders you want to keep your elbows closer to your body rather than flaring them out with a wide grip. I believe this is also the common method powerlifters use. If memory serves me correct, he also discussed the importance of your shoulder blade placement on the bench as well as back arch.

magnus is right. here are the links, i had them bookmarked for myself

shoulder savers part 1

shoulder savers part 2

EXACTLY what I was looking for guys, thanks.

Do not forget to consider using a wide grip, this will place your elbows out more at a 90 deg. angle from rib cage…reason being over time from using a narrower grip you have the tendency to develop inner shoulder injuries…such as a subscapularis inj. it may not affect you now but after 15 yrs. of bench it may…i recommend placing your ring fingers on the the bar ring.