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Benchmark for Bench Press and DoggCrap


Hi all, just been surfing round T-Nation, got linked to the Intense Muscle.com and Sharing Some Thoughts on the Dogg Pound/ Pound Puppy Forum
It says.

As a general guideline, if you are not in the 'Advanced' category for bench press, squat and deadlift as set out in the below links, you are not IMO ready for DC.

So I clicked it to check my spec.
I weigh 12.4 Stone or 173.6 Pounds. I've been training for over 2 years. I'm benching at 116 pound. According to the chart, I should be at 164 for a Novice 201 Intermediate. Is this reasonably accurate, should I be able to lift more? If not, is it because I'm Over 35( I'm 38) and my diet up to spec either.
I'm not fussed, just curious.



The charts seem to fit me and my progress pretty well. Some would even say that those standards are low. It doesn't have much to do with age (1'm 47). If you don't have a shoulder injury then one would have to look to how consistently you have been training the lift.

Dante and crew are talking more about mental readiness to engage in DoggCrapp, I think. If one has the attitude and drive, one can do well with DoggCrapp regardless of experience. Dante just won't train anyone who hasn't already got the proven ability to bust their ass each session and that's advanced lifters, usually.


DC is a pretty advanced,intense, and intricate training system. I did a fairly long run with it with great results. If you decide to pursue it take note that Dante, Skip and company over at Intense strongly suggest us older guys stay in a higher rep range.

Used to post a little on Intensemuscle, then my works firewall blocked it. They haven't figured out T-Nation yet.....


That calculator is interesting. It places me in the 'elite' category. I wonder who came up with this thing. It inflates my ego, but I am not completely sure I agree with it.


Thanks Chaps, DC is something that I might look into later. But for now, I was just wandering if I should be lifting heavier. I use 105lb 48kilo to Squat with, I feel I should be heavier?



That calc also puts me in the "elite" category on the bench. Advanced on the other two. SO WHAT! Lift what you can. Use a good, sensible program. Stick to it. Train hard. It will come.




Thank you :slightly_smiling:

Regards Mike


Stick with the basics, and try to get add a few pounds or a few reps each week. Before you know it amazing things will happen.