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The other day while facing set backs in the old routine I had a thought...

It's a sad day when a man cannot bench a weight that could potentially hurt him.


yep, I'd have to agree. although i might be in better physical health if i wasn't able to lift weight that did hurt me.

know what i mean? My back sure does.

but i love it!


Ummm....what? Dropping 135lbs on your throat could "potentially hurt" you.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this thread to be a little odd.

1000 pounds could also "potentially" hurt me. But I sure as fuck can't bench that much.


a couple of 35s and an oly bar would hurt like fuck if I dropped it on your face. Not really sure what the point of this whole deal is...


I think you guys are taking this a bit too literally.