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Today I competed in a benchpress meet over here.

I started working out December 04, so I quite satisfied with my progress so far.
It was no official meet, just a cup, but I am quite happy with the outcome:
My plan was to press 105kg(231lbs) and I did 107,5(236.5lbs) and I placed first of 5 competitors in the Juniors class -67.5kg

My bodyweight was 65.2kg(143lbs).


Long live caffeine!!!!!!
(Slept 3 hours this night, 4 hours the night before and not very much during the past week neiter)


By the way... any comments on technique?
Except for getting a bigger arch, which is unfortunatelly not too easy..


are you wearing a bench shirt or no?


Im using an old, loose Blast Shirt.


Just asking a question...

What was the point of wearing a loose bench shirt?


I got this one from a teammate, and I think it was a good thing to get used to shirtbenching.