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Benching with the Buffalo Bar?

I currently own a Ralph Crepinsek Safety Squat Bar and am looking at the R.D Crain Buffalo “cambered” bar to add to the collection but I was wondering if this can also be used as a bench bar to increase once’s range of motion ? His reply (crain’s) was that they do carry a cambered bench bar but still being on a miniscule budget I can only afford ONE. Is this my best bet then ???

thank you for your time and input !

I would think it would feel really weird on the wrists loading them at an angle and the ROM may be longer than what you would want. You could certainly try though.

I’ve done speed bench with a buffalo bar, I didnt particularly enjoy it. It was difficult, but not the way I was hoping. THE ROM didnt feel any different or more difficult ( though it was obviously slightly longer), but it was more the way the bar felt in my hands. I had to squeeze the fuck out of that bar to keep it from rolling around. I always squeeze the bar very tightly anyway, this isn`t something I need to work on. I did like it for DE squatting. Ours was a little thicker than a regular barbell and it sits on the back quite comfortably.

Anyway, take that with a grain of salt. I generally dont really like specialty bars for pressing. The club I trained at up until last week had a swiss bar, too. I only liked it for extensions. I DO like the fat bar, though.

IMO, benching to the chest is as far a ROM as you would ever need to go. I really don’t see the point in over stretching the Pecs. I feel that would only lead to injury. Also, i would worry that the bar would roll in my hands and lead to an accident.

this is only my opinion and we all know that opinions are like assholes…