Benching with Foam Block to Avoid Shoulder Pain?

I was wondering if anyone on here has used the foam block that is applied to the barbell, to create space between the barbell and your chest.

My lifting buddy suggested I use the block to keep my shoulders from going through the range of movement that causes the pain, which is basically all the way down to the chest.

We tried it out and I had good results. Is this a common practice? Obviously I know full range of motion is best, but I got a good workout and I was able to bench again without pain.

Mark Bell is rich because he invented something called the Sling Shot which does exactly that. Or maybe it lets you go full range of motion and still avoid shoulder pain. I don’t know because I’ve never used one, but that’s the general idea.

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After my pec tear, I have used the Shoulder Saver Pad regularly. It’s not so different, just more tricep focus.
I still use a full range of motion with dumbells, by that is always with light weight (12 reps or more).

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Yes, it’s called a board press.
Are you sure you’re benching properly? Back tight, elbows tucked, scapula retracted and depressed, etc.


Dis… tho if you’ve already injured yourself benching form and/or training/programming needs a look at.

Unless you want to be floor, board/block or slingshot bench pressing for the rest of your years lifting probably best to address the actual cause. In the meantime do what you can.

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Yes, I have used poor form in the past but never injured this way. I have problem with sleeping on them. Either if I sleep with shoulder over head of on the side, they end up causing pain. Anyway I have fixed my form, and have felt improvement.

While my shoulders heal though, using the space between the bar and chest has helped greatly.

Thanks everyone, I will look into that shoulder saver pad. and I have seen that slingshot thing before also.

Stretch your pecs hard immediately after any session with upper body work

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Yea, this makes sense. When I lay down in the bed or when I roll on the side, I feel my shoulders rolling forward, like my pecs are pulling them. I have been brachiating and it does help, but I will start stretching pecs also. Thanks.

Cool. meant to add this but link didint come up for some reason…

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Definitely will be trying this once I’ve recovered some more, thanks!