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Benching With Blocks

I’ve added some Board work to my bench day which I really enjoy. So the way it was explained to me is you drop the wt some and do reps up to five or six working on lockout. So as im doing these its seems like if you went to an overload status and worked for 2-3 to lockout you would gain more am I just miss understanding the theory. or should you stay at a modarate to heavy wt for reps.

Board work means you will be INCREASING the weight, not dropping down from what you do full-range.
Go heavy, increasing weight each set. Work with a few sets of triples, then doubles, then single out until you miss.

i agree with the above post, also if you want to work your lock out do some floor presses and rack lockouts. make sure your switching up from full range to partial. good luck

I usually increase the weight a little for board presses and lockouts, but I still like 4-6 reps per set. Because you go from relaxed to flexed, it has a shock effect on the tendons and I think its better most of the time to still be able to do the concentric pretty fast.

Also, the decrease range of motion saves you more energy for the target range. I like 4 x 5 or 4 x 6 with a little over what I bencing for 2-4 reps.

Oh yea, and I’m for bringing the grip in a little, but not to a real close grip. I will bench with index fingers on the rings, and lockout with pinkys on the rings usually.