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benching with bands

Did this for the first time on Sunday, and my shoulders are really sore. Mostly the medial delts. Is this normal? It felt like I was really having to fight to keep the bar stable at the very top of the movement.

Oh Yeah, pefectly normal.

COl, although i admit that the soreness is normal, doesn’t it also have a lot to do with the path of the bar. I seem to remember that soreness like that meant that you were pushing to vertical and to the face instead of downwards towards the feet?

Hi Stu,

Your right, but without seeing Paul’s form we have no way of knowing. I’m assuming that his form is good and he is just experencing the band pain for the first time. Here is a quote from a Louie Simmons article that may help Paul and validates your point!

The bar should be pushed back up in a straight line, not back over the face. This requires strong triceps. This path is a shorter distance and requires no shoulder rotation, which is also much safer. The barbell will always seek the strongest muscle group; that’s why most push the bar over the face. Their delts are stronger than their triceps. But it should be the reverse. [/quote]


Now at westside a lot of guys are using the catch and throw technique by metal militia…it is where you drop it low and throw it high…the trick is to start the bench with the elbows tucked and once your start transfering the weight up through each transfer spot you open up the elbows through lock out…just something to think about…big martin

Colin, you give me too much credit! I still bench like a body builder, completely flat on the bench, and I’m still trying to get my elbows tucked just right. After years of “bodybenching”, converting to the Darkside is taking some time. BigMartin, would it be possible for you to post a clip, or direct us to a place where we could actually see this “catch and throw” technique?

you may want to check out the metal militia web site…i dont know the exact url just do a yahoo search…big martin

I have yet to experience this “pain in the shoulders” thang. But then, when benching with bands, I try to push the bar more down towards my feet.

Col, you’re right that without seeing someone bench it is very hard to asses the problem, i just assume that unless someone says they bench power style that it’s the old shoulder wrecker style!

Sometimes the bands can beat you up, lately my shoulders and elbows have been feeling nasty so i am doing two weeks of straight weight. Alot of westsiders will do two weeks of band work followed by a two week period of either chain or straight weight to give their bodies a rest.