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Benching with Bands Raw Decreasing My Bench

anyone have a problem with just benching with bands and increasing them and then failing straight weight you have done before I feel like anytime I use bands for a while my band strength goes up but then the straight weight goes down and I fail weights I have done before? Does anyone have any advice on this or input it’s really starting to piss me off I did 330 bench and could only do 235 with double monster minis then raised it to 255 and failed 330 I don’t get it.

You have to work in regular bench otherwise you’ll get weak off your chest. That’s also a big difference in weight. I would do closer to 40-60lbs of bands. Work the whole rom neglecting the bottom with cause it to become a weak link.

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Yea the what I figured I’m done using bands did the same thing to my deadlift lost ten pounds

You are using way too much band tension. How lond did you train with bands, and did you do any other type of benching?

You don’t need to be done with them, you just need to understand their purpose.

Garbage In, Garbage Out"

Writing a good training program and implementing it correctly is no different that writing a effective computer program.

Thus, if you input it incorrectly, you don’t get the right results or the most effective results.

The Blame Game

An issue with many lifter is when they implement a training program that doesn’t work, they blame the program rather than consider that they may not have correctly written and performed it.

Exercise Prescriptions

Writing a good Exercise Prescription to cure your problem is no different than a physician writing you a medical prescription.

More detailed information on precisely what and how your are training needs to be obtained before prescribing how to resolve your issue.

What you have state amount to going in and telling a physician that you don’t feel good and want him to prescribe a medication that will make you feel better.

It is impossible to prescribe any medication that will address your issue without more information.

As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”.

With that said, a good general observation is…


“You are using way too much band tension.”



“…you just need to understand their purpose.”

I’d slightly revise that to, "You need to understand the application and now to apply them to elicit the greatest training response.

Kenny Croxdale

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