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benching twice/week

How do you guys bench twice a week?
I’m to sore all week to be able to.
my work out for chest is;
tues. flat bench 3x6-8
incline d/b 3x8
flat d/b 3x8
three exer.for tris 3x8
but when fri.rolls around for shoulders my chest is still sore,so I cant even do a light chest workout.I’ve been lifting for about 10yrs
competed in first power lifting meet in 2000.
with a 500lb.squat500lb.dead 225lb.bench @176b/w .So am I just stuck with A low bench or am I not training bench correct?Thanks in advance.

search for west side training. they had an article consisting of 3 workous a week which would switch between heavy days and speed days for squats, deads, benches. laters pk

What’s really helped my recovery is Surge. Especially for them “heavy” days (damn, every workout is a “heavy” day, anyway). If you haven’t yet, definitely begin using Surge.

Read “100 Reps to Bigger Muscles.” Use push-ups with this protocol and your recovery will increase and you may be able to train chest more often. On the second bench day in my training week I like to train explosively. Oh, and you might want to use lower reps (3-5)on your bench press.

Definitely look up westside (by dave tate)they do a max effort and a dynamic day. Since reading “Science and Practice of Strength Training” your rep range causes the most muscle breakdown westside does 6-8 sets 3 reps or so. Works the CNS as opposed to muscle growth perse (overly simplified probably) Peace, Tmofa

I think you answered your own question. If you haven’t progressed you have either reached your absolute genetic potential or are training non productively. Change something. Anything

I would suggest first reading Dave Tate’s “Periodization Bible Part II” and then all of his other articles. Based on your squat and deadlift numbers, you should be able to bench alot more. Also, focus on raising your GPP by utilizing sled-work and possibly adding extra active restoration workouts.

The reason why you’re sore all week is because you’re doing 18 sets of work for your pushing muscles! and if you’re like most people, you’re probably lifting to failure too. If you really want to increase strength, you’ll have to train it with more frequency (not just one hard session once a week).

Just try this, 2x6 bench press. No going to failure (use your 7 or 8RM) and no other pushing or tricep exercises, do it on Mon-Wed-Fri and rest the weekend. Add weight when you feel you’re ready. Do this for a month or two and tell let me know if your strength has improved. Good luck.