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Benching-Sore Triceps, Not Chest


Ok. I tried a search on this before posting and found nothing pertaining to my problem. I tend to notice more of triceps soreness than peck soreness the 2nd day after training. It also seems as if I am Using more of my tri's during all of my chest routines. I have friends say to concentrate more on using the chest but it does not happen. It seems as if my shoulders and arms are outgrowing my chest....

I see everyone who has nice pecks and there nips look as if they are always cold so to speak. My nips always look like they are poking out. Unless I get a chill. Damn, why can't I have a chill all the time. Then they would always look great. I am hoping if I get my chest to grow properly it will stretch them out and they would look better. I only weigh 180 at 6 foot even with 14% body fat. These nipples need to go away. Any suggestions or anyone else had this problem and conquered it??


Nipples thats a BF% thing but at your wieght and height etc I wouldnt say cut Id go for building the pecs.

A few things I found have began to work for me I am also a tri bencher ( though I dont think thats a bad thing) is Pauses. pause at the chest for a 4 count and then press up. Takes away the stretch reflex and you have to use ALL muscle power to get the load moving and in the bottom range thats a LOT of chest. It also has helped my shoulder. Just stay TIGHT during the pause and Explode out of the whole giving it your all in that low end zone.

Others try some of the varitaions in CT's latest series, the press to flys, wider grip (watch the shoulders), 1 1/2 reps, etc etc.

Hope that helps,


Check these out:




Try pre-fatiguing.

Ian King has a nice lil program called 12 weeks to super strength: http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=body_91super

Also, did you read today's "Cool Tip"


I had the same issue when I was younger. I used the pre-exhaust method to rid myself of the problem.

In fact I used this authors technique;

1) 135 degree wide angle fly's
2) 90 degree angle fly's
3) dumbell press

All using the same weight to near fatigue.

I have the same nipple issue as yourself; Chicks dig it :wink:


Or it could be gynecomastia to some degree. I do agree that building more mass will probably make it less noticeable.


You probably have weak triceps. Besides, the pecs are only used at the bottom of the movement depending on how much arm flare that you have while you do it. If you lower the bar below your chest, you can get your lats into it more.


he's joking right?

I do 1 1/2 reps(i guess thats what its called) you lift halfway,then down,then all the way up,then down.that's one rep.it will help your imbalance and your endurance a little,also since you said your shoulders are also outgrowing id try doing them on decline


i cant believe noone has said it yet.... WIDEN YOUR GRIP!


Read all of phil's post.


I dont know what level you are at but if you are not benching properly it doesnt matter how wide you are gripping. Your scapulae have to be protracted during benching.

If they are not you are not getting a pre-stretch in your chest and you have so much ROM through scapular movement that the pecs' role, adducting the arm, is reduced. You can especially feel this difference when dumbell pressing. However, many of the other reasons posted are possible as well.


wrong post, i meant retracted. Your scapulae may be protracted they have to be retracted.


well, you can't really have your scapulae completely retracted when benching. you're stating it as if it's a MUST for proper technique , and that simply isn'tm the case.


I thought that widening your grip will work more of the tri's and putting the grip more in will work more of the chest. If I widen my grip on the bar I feel it more in the outer chest than inner chest. You know the part where your chest attaches to your shoulder?


Your "outer chest" is your "inner chest". If the fibers run horizontally, there is no way you can isolate outer or inner. A wider grip puts more stress on the chest. A closer grip works the triceps more.


Hmmmm. Ok. I will try going wider than I do now and see what that does. It just seems the outer portion is more sore and I don't feel any soreness towards the middle. We will see. Thank you.


I did not say that they have to be completely retracted. That is impossible. But if you try to keep them in that position you will end up keeping them back enough to do the job. And these are suttle form changes. You can get a fine chest workout not doing this. But if you are not getting your chest into the movement, this could help.

By the way, could you please explain to me why alot more experience people recommend doing just this? And why you dont need to keep your back tight? Im just curious...


Well..... My chest routine yesterday turned out to be a great shoulder work out. My shoulders are sore in the front and minimal chest soreness. Moving my hands out further just made my shoulders work harder. I'm sure I figure something out.


Look at my previous posts and try what I am saying if you arent doing this already. Its worth a shot.


My regular “chest” exercise is the pin press (no partner so i cant get a spot), and i never feel it in my chest.
So i have the same problem as you, i dont feel bench or any variation in my chest at all

i have found though working at simply getting stronger in Benching (ie like uping my 1RM by 20kg) has lead to a noticable size change in my chest, though i don’t “feel” it any more or any less that i did at the start.