Benching/Rotator ideas - Christian??

Due to injuries, I currently compete in bench only meets, but I am looking for some ideas about training.
Rows are commonly recommended in westside training, to help strengthen the back,and rotator for the loads imposed on it during the bench.
Ian king has also stated that deadlifts will provide enough of a loading, that direct rows aint needed (from memory anyway).
I was just wanting thoughts on using OL style lifts (power snatch/cleans etc) as my base ‘back’ exericses, without direct rows in terms of overall saftey of the shoulder girdle

I’ve done the OIL as my main back exercises for 3-4 years and my back is better than ever. In my upcoming article (this friday) take a look at Soviet Lifter David Rigert and you’ll see what the olympic lifts can do for your back!

That having been said I still like to add some chins, barbell row and rear delt raises in my training.

Thanks for the post, got me thinking
I will do predominantly OL lifts for the remainder of my body, with some quad+hammy work, but I think I wil work the back somewhat with machines (we have excellent hammerstrength stuff where I train) becase it saves the loading on my lower spine where i have the problems. OL doent affect it, but rows certainly do.