Benching Plateau

Well i figure i would ask you good people opposed to reading some crappy article on muscle and strength or bodybuilding .com

I’ve been kind of dong a hybrid bodybuilding and powerlifting routine however my bench has been stalling and is now at a halt. I see steady improvements in my other lifts, i do 5x5 right now. I did 5x5 at 260 and couldn’t surpass 4 reps per set, according to the site i shouldn’t stay on a weight for longer than 2 weeks but its a struggle since sometimes im not feeling totally confident in going up. I dont see my form as much of an issue, i just need to get through this bump in the road. Anything help you guys get over bench plateaus?

More reps . How many times a week do you bench? If its only once maybe throw in an extra day do some paused sets for singles or doubles.

Where are you failing, bottom/top/middle of the lift? It could just require some extra accessory work on tris/shoulders/chest.

lighten the reps up, maybe change what type of bench you’re doing, eat more, find weak points, db rows help my bench out more than anything. i dont know, those are generally my ways around sticking points

If you have any interest in reading some great books on benchpressing then Josh Bryants new Ebook is absolutely amazing! if you are a geared lifter another great book would be the bench press manual by dave tate. Both can be found on

other than that, i can really help without knowing what your ccurrent routine looks like, or knowing where you fail in the lift. Video would also help a lot.