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Benching in Oly Shoes


I used to bench with my feet back and on my toes trying to push the heels down to create tightness, but the only powerlifting federation in my region is the WDFPF and the rules say you must keep the feet flat on the ground. Just want to know if you think high heels oly shoes would help
I ask because i squat in chucks so i dont have them.


Not noticeably. Though I have wondered about some very high heeled shoes that would be a loop hole in the rules


Good question, I’ve wondered the same myself. If you’re going to compete in a fed with feet flat benching rules, just resort to benching with your feet flat. Cut 10% of your working weights and work yourself back up with your new form. A lot less expensive than purchasing Oly shoes. :wink:


I have very long legs so when i keep my feet flat in chucks and use leg drive i dont feel as much power, i lose some arch and i lift my butt a little. Theres another federation in Italy, the WPC (which is the APF in America) that allows benching without restrictions on feet position but id need to fly for every meet because they dont do it in my region. Or i can just buy cheap 2nd hand oly shoes on ebay


I bench in Nike Romaleos. I never would have thought it would make a difference either, but I actually get a slightly better setup that way. I was benching after squatting and didn’t want to waste time changing shoes, it turned out that I can arch a bit more and it gives me more leg drive.

At the same time, if I didn’t already own a pair of squat shoes I wouldn’t even consider buying them just to bench in. If you think it will help you significantly then buying a used pair is a good idea.


I tried a secondhand pair i put my legs back and tried to find a foot position where leg drive wouldnt lift my butt up and it seems like high heels helped me to keep them “flat”… shitty rules


I think I have only benched in Oly shoes once but I loved it. If I were competing I would purchase Oly shoes just to bench in if I didnt already use Oly shoes to squat.

You could probably find other cheaper high heeled shoes that are federation approved though.

What you guys think…?

tee hee, just kidding…sort of. I mean if it is legal and gives you an edge you should do it.


They don’t have my color. Need a bright red though black could work


I’ve seen guys bench in workboots too. Thatd probably work with the raised and treaded heel