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Benching in a Power Rack

How do I place the bench when benching in a power rack, I’m sure im doing it wrong it always takes me a set or two to get it in a some what good position.

U should be lining up your face with the bar however you prefer anyway. Doesn’t matter where you put the bench as long as it is at least far enough in that this position can be achieved

Depends on the rack and the bench. My rack at home is deep so bench fits right in it. The one at the gym is not. I have to put the leg of bench over the back cross section of the rack to get in position so the bar is directly over my eyes. Hope that makes sense.

Make sure the Bench his centered in the rack… for the record all mine is done in a rack due to my home gym set up.

Thanks all, I will be buying a home gym set up when I move in a few months, but I currently train at any time fitness and they have 3 power racks its the only place you can bench.

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Shouldn’t be a problem really. Get a rack that’s designed for adjusting the safeties for bench. The ones with lots of holes so you can adjust the height perfectly when you bench. Not sure if those have a proper name.