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Benching Heavy Twice a Week


Been following WS4SB III for a while, and having good success. Over the last month or so, I have been going heavy on my bench exercises on both ME an RE day. My gym max is 275 and have been routinely going into the 260s for a singles, occasionally going up to 270.

My question is, do you think I can keep this up for any extended amount of time, or will it wear me out? I feel good, and that's why on RE day I have been going heavy on Bench.

I'm not a powerlifter, just an athlete who wants to play Football again when I get out of the Corps in 2 years.



Typically you young guys can push the volume. Just be aware of overtraining. Symptoms...not looking forward to lifting, bone tired, nagging injuries, illness. I'm 53 and compete in powerlifting. I can't wait to get after it. I have an ME Bench Day, and two Assist Days (Triceps Assist and Upper-Back Assist with a few squats thrown in) If I'm not hungry for weight like a dog on a bone, I start thinking over-training. Lower the volume, maybe skip a day. That always does it. Then the battle rages again.
All that to say; Go for it! Know when to say when, then go for it some more. And from one vet to another, thanks!


i'm sure that as you get stronger you will need more time in between training sessions. i train three days a week- ME bench, ME Deads, and RE squats. Often times it take me the entire week to fully recover from each ME session.

go with it now as long as you continue to make progress. once the progress stops, you need to start looking for alternatives.


Do that by tracking your progress. Keep a log book and write down the date, weight, reps.


In theory, I have a light bench day and heavy one. But what really happens is a I have a heavy shirted day and and a heavy raw day and some times I go pretty heavy raw on myshirted day as well. I keep getting stronger and I don't fell overtrained. However, if I have a some kind of minor nagging pain (in my shoulder, in my elbow, in my pec, etc.), I have to plan around it because I don't have a full week of recovery. Also, since my "light"/raw bench day is the day after I squat heavy, sometimes shoulder pain is an issue.


Thanks Gents

I wish I could hit my legs heavy twice a week, but with having to run 3+ miles twice a week, I only hit squats heavy once a week.


my bench days essentially turn into 2 heavy days. my ME day will be to about 80percent and then i throw on the shirt and work from 3board down to chest at about 90-100 with 1-3 reps.

my DE is not really DE anymore. I ditched the speed work temporarily and do high board closer grip stuff. I did like 4-5board with hand inside power rings for 3-5 reps.

right now, this seems a little too much as i am not used to this much volume for my tris on my DE, but i am adjusting. i like the set up a lot tho. just another idea...


I hit legs hard 3x a week and run about the same. I'm 32, you'll adapt faster than me. Ideally you squat in the morning and run in the evening, but you may not have that luxury.


Nope, we run at like 6 in the morning. I've been doing a dynamic leg day with box jumps and what not, then going semi-heavy on nbox squats. Then on Fridays I hit Box Squats or Free Squats hard


If your plan is to get back into football, those dynamic days are going to be valuable anyway.


I had the most success doing a traditional ME day, then 4 days later doing a DE day where I would work up to heavy (95%) singles and follow that with heavy boards. I'm 33 and natural and never had a problem over training, but everybody is different. I think as long as it works, stick with it, even if it doesn't make sense.


You can go heavy as often as you like, but the more you go heavy the more you should try to stretch your muscles, do balancing exercises (rows and military) just to prevent overuse injuries from happening.

The question is will it really help you increase your max as much as doing it another way..... If your max far exceeds, or is at the top of what a 10 rep max formula would list you as having, continuing to max out will not help that much. You will have to build muscle. Which means working 5 - 10 rep range for a while or at least a session a week.


I would say the most taxing part of heavy lifting will be on you CNS system.

I would think you should take at least a week off from heavy lifting every 4- 6 weeks. Recovery is huge.

You don't want a lingering injury due to the stress load.

Then again the running may be the best thing for you. It should really help in breaking down the lactate acid.


what exactly do you do on your RE day?


Benching heavy twice a week is not the best plan of attack for a football player.

If you were having good success with WS4SB, then why did you deviate from the template?


LOL, I don't know, I've just been feeling so good in the gym, that I want to go heavy. After the chest exercise I follow everything else on RE day that the template covers.