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Benching Goal

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OP, here’s what I recommend. Stop whatever training you’re doing for your bench. It’s NOT working. Madcow’s 5x5 intermediate followed by advanced (search the web for it!), strictly followed, should add 40-60 lbs or MORE to your bench, in 4 months. Maybe you don’t want to squat and deadlift (You really should!), or do a third upper body workout on Wednesday (highly recommended), but at least follow the Monday & Friday bench sessions.

This is assuming you’re going to gain some weight (MUSCLE!) too. You’re 18. You’re old enough to get a job, buy your own food, and eat it. Buy protein powder, chicken, steak, ground beef, tuna (one sandwhich, two cans!). Eat a ton of it. Seriously. Strive to DOUBLE what you eat in a day. You’re young, and a 185 bench at a bodyweight of 140 says to me that you’re probably very lean, and likely to easily stay that way.[/quote]


I’ve just gone through my first week of Madcow’s 5x5 intermediate. I always hear good things about it so I had to start doing it as well.

@ goochadamg: are you suggesting to do the advanced routine as soon as you start to plateau from the intermediate routine?[/quote]

Yes. I would take a week deload after you’ve plateaud, and start the advanced the following week. You can try to run madcow’s 5x5 again, but my own personal experience vs. the experience of a friend who’s training I managed (who after a year, at 180 lbs, has a 270 bench, 405 squat, and > 405 deadlift [I don’t recall where this ended up.]), show’d that running the advanced right after the beginner works better.

Well I tried bench today and play with my form a bit. I don’t know if it’s all psychological or I’ve literally burned out, but I did sets of five with 135 lbs and 140 lbs. This is usually nothing, an easy warm-up (doing 12-15 reps).

It felt like I was trying to press up the ceiling. I barely finished my sets. So my question is, now what? Do I start a new workout without barbell bench press? Do I deload? Or do I just take some time off?

You’re ‘warming up’ to the point where it’s hindering your ability to actually go for the maxes that you want to.

Well I hate to ask this but is your goal chest development or how big your bench is? Because your ramping your bench press set like a bodybuilder would; at least in terms of the number of sets and reps, and are fatiguing your pressing muscles before you get to the big weights. If your goal is to get a big bench eat more, read this article http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/6_dirty_tricks_to_instantly_increase_muscle_and_boost_performance where dave tate tells you how to warm up for a new personal record.

This thread makes my head hurt.

Why don’t you try training with a routine that doesn’t look like you had a seizure inside a bench press factory, and then stop weighing 140 sickly pounds?

If you want advice from the largest people on this website, why don’t you go read about their advice and how every one of them got to be the biggest and the strongest in the sticky specifically made for them:

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I’m not looking to change my workout, because, in my opinion, it’s been working. [/quote]

Obviously, it’s not been working to increase your bench press strength.


This. Your program needs an overhaul.