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Benching For Hypertrophy


So, I read Dave Tate's article "How to bench 600 pounds".. and was wondering, since Dave is more of a strength trainer, would this also be the best for someone seeking hypertrophy??

I realize the two cross over to a degree. However, it seems to me like he is limiting the ROM pretty significantly. Would this limit muscle fiber break down? Would being able to bench more weight offset the lower ROM to still involve the same amount of work being done? Are fewer muscles recruited? Also, would anyone care to comment on adjusting this for inclinde/decline bench methods?

I don't care about being able to say I bench *** pounds. I care about looking good and being safe. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


Everyone responds differently. I'm one of the rare exceptions where benching for anything over 4 reps is a waste of time. I get a lot more growth when I'm on a routine geared for adding weight to the bar all the time.

The reason I said this is because although people can tell you one method is better than the other for hypertrophy, only you can find out for sure.


Thibaudeau is the man when it comes to info about benching for hypertrophy. See his two 'Bulk Up. Cut Up' columns so far: