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Benching for a Bigger Neck


I was re-reading Starting Strength and Rippetoe comments on how benching will cause you to grow a thick neck as well the other muscles commonly worked. Is this why you a lot of the football players guys so thick (because of all the benching they do?). never thought of the BP as a neck builder until i read this.



Power cleans and weight gain = big neck.


running around with a helmet on and smacking your head into 300 lb men is definately not why football players have big necks. Its gotta be the benching.


I thought deadlifting would make bigger necks...


Wow, thanks for that comment.


Yeah i though that too or most exercises that have a shrug like component to them which is why i found the bench comment interesting.


no problem. lol

If you want a bigger neck get a harness from elitefts for like 30-40 bucks+s&h and just take it to the gym.
and use it too.


Everyone who lifts benches. Not everyone who lifts has a big neck. If you want traps that touch your ears, you gotta do heavy, heavy shrugs. I actually think a lot of people don't do shrugs because there's not a lot of movement involved.

Olympic Lifts and Deadlifts are without a doubt better all-around lifts but if you want your neck to be nonexistent you got to do Shrugs.


Agreed. Deadlifting and powercleans always did shit all for my neck development. And it's not like I'm "weak" at them, I've pulled 550lb and powercleaned 230lb.

Once I started doing hevay power shrugs I finally started to develop a pair of traps. It helped my lockout too.


What kind of heavy are we talking about here with these shrugs?


I have power shruged with 600lbs and my traps arent that great at all.

I think the key is heavy, lots of sets, and a deep strech at the bottom.


I guess I can't take much meaning out of that as I have no idea how power shrugs compare and correlate to normal shrugs (if they do at all).
Today I was shrugging 100 lbs dumbells 10 reps x 3 sets. My numbers have been going up, but I don't see much growth.

I have heard of people trying alternating shoulders while shrugging to increase range of motion. Perhaps this helps.


And that advice is based on your results? (my traps arent that great). :slight_smile:


neck exercises and weight gain makes a big neck. Proportionately even people who clean or shrug all the time dont' have huge necks.
Now if your talking about traps thats something different I thought this was a neck thread. A person can have big traps and not a huge neck. Or a big neck with small traps.


Rep Ranges for thick traps and nonexistent necks should be high. I mean, it's a shrug. You move like 3 or 4 inches max if you have full ROM. Unless you're doing shrugs for your grip strength (which is cool) you should just go ahead and use straps. Theres a lot of disagreement as to whether high blood volume or heavy weights will give you the best size results.

Why fuck around? Use massive weights and reps between 15 and 20. Go ahead and start with 85% or 90% of your max squat. Then just keep adding weight every time you do them. Warm up appropriately but only do one or two working sets.


Power shrugs are basically shrugs wherein you use a litte body english (something like a high rack pull) to help you shrug more weight. It's like a push press.


Good points there. Traps do give the illusion that you have a big neck.


Ya, go play football and do this....see if you don't break your neck or get numerous concussions